Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need a full leather uniform?
    No. Although some people think that's all our dresscode is, we've always accepted part-leather uniforms. If you're just starting out, we'd recommend a pair of leather trousers and some boots, both of which will last you a long time. Then add a fabric police or pilot's style shirt with epaulettes, and a Sam Browne belt or leather tie. That's the basics of a uniform, and you can add to it later, with leather shirts, jackets, caps and other accessories.
  2. Doesn't it cost a lot to get the gear?
    It doesn't have to. If you want to buy a full uniform from some of the big names in the leather business, or choose only gear from the most well known shops then yes, it's not cheap. But you can also find some bargains, and it's always worth looking at secondhand or surplus stores. You can often get fabric uniform shirts, in particular, very cheaply that way.
  3. I don't have any gear, but I like men in leather. Can I join?
    Sorry, no. The whole point of the club is that it's for people who have the gear. If we didn't have a dresscode, we'd just be a much smaller version of other sites. You'll find BLUF men on many other sites though, such as Recon or Romeo, so you can always chat with some of them there.
  4. Are trans men welcome?
    Absolutely. BLUF is a club for men who are into leather uniforms, and trans men are men. We've blogged about this: What makes a man?
  5. Are straight people allowed to join?
    Yes. However, you should remember that BLUF is primarily a community for men who are into other men, and some of our members hook up with each other. If you're going to be offended if another guy hits on you, then you're probably not going to fit in.
  6. Isn't BLUF elitist?
    We don't think so. BLUF is just one aspect of leather, and we're not going to tell anyone it's the "pinnacle" or something like that. There's no one way to be a leather man, and there's no best way to be a leather man. BLUF is simply a club for people who enjoy a particular aesthetic.
  7. Is BLUF ‘Old Guard’ or ‘New Guard’?
    BLUF is neither. The idea of old guard leather is one that many people love to discuss, and you'll find a range of views on it, both within BLUF and the wider leather community. BLUF itself is about the uniform and how it looks, not about what protocols you follow when you're wearing it.
  8. My gear is vegan/non-animal. Can I still join?
    We already accept certain fabric uniforms, so the answer isn't a straight "No." However, if your outfit looks obviously artificial - like PVC, say – then it won't meet our dresscode. Applications are judged based on the photos you supply, so realistically, if it looks convincingly like leather, it's unlikely to be rejected.
    However, for many of our members, the smell, feel and sensation of real leather is a key part of what attracts them to other people wearing it, and trying to persuade them otherwise is not what the site is for. This FAQ isn't a place for discussions of the merits of different types of leather or leather substitutes, but we note that there are strong arguments for and against both.